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With a two-fold objective of building a pipeline of future entrepreneurs and also creating space for the current entrepreneurial potential in the hill communities to grow, MVF works with both women and children in schools to develop enterepeneurial skills and thinking.

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Little Entrepreneurs

Little Entrepreneurs gives children in schools an opportunity to develop an entrepreneurial mindset by leading projects on issues they want to solve. This gives students a chance to learn how to kickstart a project, lead their teams, influence stakeholders, be creative, and operate as critical thinkers, thus paving a way forward for entrepreneurship from a young age.

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Project Unnati aims to enable women to take up an entrepreneurial path to growth and development. The project is at a pilot stage and aims to provide women with opportunity to hone their skills in local handicraft, learn business related skills like packaging, branding and marketing. While women will learn to enhance the quality of their  products, they will also learn entrepreneurial skills that will help them in the long run.

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Project Prarambh aims to support women by helping them to acquire skills to prepare marketable products. While these women may not be ready to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey, they begin to learn skills to make products that can help them to start working towards financial independence.

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