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Mountain Village Foundation is an NGO in Uttarakhand. MVF's program aims to support the current underutilized talent of the mountain children and women so they can have empowered lives through an entrepreneurial approach to learning.

Little Entrepreneurs Program encourages children to broaden their scope of aspirations. While aspirations alone are not enough, there is a need to complement these with skills that will stay with them for life. The Little Entrepreneurs Program trains children to view themselves as equal partners in community development. Along with learning practical skills, technology usage and literacy, the children undertake self-created projects and take steps towards supporting their own needs and needs of the villages/neighbourhood.

Prarambh, an initiative to build local skills for financial independence creates a promising ecosystem that supports youth to pick up skills that open opportunities to earn a livelihood. This makes little dreams achievable reality and re-enforces the belief that talent can be taken forward to bring about a change in the status quo. 


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