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Mountain Village Foundation (MVF) is a Non-Government Organization that is based in Uttarakhand. MVF works to empower children and youth by building entrepreneurial ability in them through skill development.


Founder & CEO

Kiwa hails from Nainital and has founded Mountain Village Foundation to help the people in the hill villages of Uttarakhand realise their full potential. She works on the premise that the talent in the mountain villages when complemented with skills that enable problem solving and innovation, will inspire a new wave of thinking and spur development activities in the region. 

Prarambh Trainer - Aipan Project
Sheetal trains young girls in the traditional folk art of Kumaon called  Aipan. She creates the designs and teaches her team how to hand paint  those designs on products like paintings, bags and pouches. 

Image: Courtesy Malvika ©

Luckshita, Program Facilitator

Little Entrepreneurs Program

Himanshu, Program Facilitator
 Little Entrepreneurs Program
Prarambh Team - Youth empowerment Programme